Elys Brewda
Learning Consultant

Native language: English (Canadian and American)
Other Languages: French, Spanish, German
Currently living in: United States

Elys Brewda has made it her life's work to help people uncover their own brilliance, develop their full potential, and experience more joyous lives. She is a mentor with passion.
Elys is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of
learners at each milestone in their lives.
Elys began her career in the public school system in Toronto, Canada. During her ten years as a teacher, her travels took her to Europe where she lived for two years and worked as an instructor at an American private school. Her life's journey has given her many years of experience with young people of all ages.
After earning a Masters degree focusing on corporate training and development, Elys concentrated on adult learners and spent many years in the business world with demonstrated success as an instructional designer, facilitator and consultant.
Elys has been highly praised for her ability to inspire, motivate and influence people.
Elys thrives on the challenge of making information come alive for learners, and constantly searches for new and creative ways of conveying ideas, knowledge, and content. Her programs are high energy, interactive, and engaging.
Having taught in both K-12 and facilitated training programs in the corporate world, Elys is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between an academic education and the real world needs of adult employment. Her specific experience and expertise make her ideally suited to guiding and inspiring young people in her role as a mentor and consultant.

  • Onsite: Seattle Metro
  • Online
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